Voter Showdown

by cowboylands

Candidates on the \'08 Campaign Trail

Candidates on the ’08 Campaign trail


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  1. Love the whole Western theme. Reminds me of childhood tv and watching Annie Oakley, Dale Evans, and of course, Fury. Loved Fury! How else could a Brooklyn girl fall in love with a horse?

  2. Wow, pretty slick. I’m a greenhorn in the site’s subject matter, but I think Cowboy #2 shows some grit. Wish The Duke were alive though – he’d be a better candidate.

    Now as for the techno geeky stuff, where i’m not so green, you did a nice job with the tools and images!

    And you sure have a way with words…

  3. Sandra.ia’s right in that much of what we grew up on watching/reading left something in us. I’m glad you brought a couple of cowgirls into the mix. Annie O. was an incredible businesswoman as well as a sharpshooter. Dale E. must have been too, otherwise we’d never have known her name. Did she do everything Roy Rogers did, but backwards in high-heeled cowboy boots? Even if she didn’t she’d still be “Queen of the West.”

    And Allegheny Jeff! (a true western…Pennsylvania name) Thanks for looking and commenting. The techno stuff and writing require a little bit of fiddling still, but I’m glad you could see the potential in it all. People always think the Duke would be an awesome president. After learning more about him, I have to agree in many ways. John Wayne’s persona, so referenced by any American leader who puts on a cowboy hat and and boots, was something he worked hard at developing and ultimately, transgressing, just a little… Check out the vengeful Ethan in The Searchers, as well as the stubborn patriarch he played in Red River. He knew what the shadow side of a cowboy hero is.

  4. I think we should hunker down, circle the wagons, and wait til the whole dust storm blows over.

    Seriously, though — the stakes are high and the consequences of getting it wrong are grim. Wasn’t Jimmy Stewart a cowboy somewhere along the line? That’s who we need!!

  5. The stakes are high. You know from writing, retropete, that upping the stakes provides drama and furthers character development. I think our national character has been furthered quite enough now, thank you.

    All three of these cowboys above should emulate Jimmy Stewart. Not the Jimmy Stewart of the classic Anthony Mann flicks–crazy-eyed after revenge and only stopping when he nearly kills himself and the woman (read: community/society) that he loves. They should look to Jimmy Stewart of Destry Rides Again. He comes to a hell-raising town without a gun and asks for milk, not whiskey. He relies on humor and persuasion. He salts his arguments with conviction and leavens them with humility. Of course, a scriptwriter wrote those great lines and helped imbue him with a glowing humanity….It might be too much to ask that a stressed world leader could do the same. And yes, Jimmy Stewart’s character can shoot if he has to, but let’s hope that our next fearless leader won’t have to make that choice.

  6. Howdy, folks.

    Dale Evans. My cowgirl hero.
    She did her own riding stunts and could do a flying mount, a riding trick that remains beyond me even after forty years of riding the trails.
    I watch a lot of Roy Rogers shows. Dale and Roy’s relationship just glows, even from their first movie together. And the tall blond… the best actor in the movie… ahhhh, that Trigger.

    What I want to know about the candidates is…can any of them do a flying mount? Are their horses fat, sassy and well-trained?
    Do they always have an apple around them somewhere in case they meet a hungry horse?

  7. Ha!

    I’d like to see them do a flying mount. My guess is McCain at one time could have done a flying mount in fine style. Obama’s horse would be well trained. And Clinton would make sure one of her staff would have an apple. it would be a good photo op.

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