Powboy; or, 51 Cowboy Facts

by cowboylands

Fifty-one facts about the Cowboy Myth:

51. The spirit of the Cowboy is alive and well, even when it shouldn’t be. 

50. The Cowboy makes people pose. 

49. Some people look better in cowboy hats than others.

48. Shredded computer printout paper does not hay make.

47. It’s best to be earnest about appropriating the Cowboy. 

46. You don’t have to sing country to dress like a Cowboy. 

45. Pretending like you’re shooting a gun with thumb and forefinger makes it look like you’re playing pretend, no matter how much money you earn a year, 

44. No one ever said you had to have a white hat or a black hat. 

Only how many more facts to go? I have to keep at it, as I still have forty-three to go. In the meantime, here’s an apt quote from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

43. “Put your drawers on and take your gun off.”

         –Clint Eastwood’s Blondie to Eli Wallach’s Tuco. 









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  1. Wait! where’s the rest? this is finally explaining to me what the hell you’re talking about!!! Because come on, no TV growing up, Lower East Side, there were no cowboys… not even playing… (although we did do a lot of princess stuff. And death. We played this game called death where we’d pick a way to die and whoever acted it out better won.) I mean the only time I heard the word cowboy was when my mom thought the busdriver or train conductor was going too fast and called him a cowboy. I need the rest of this list!

  2. That game death sounds like you went several incarnations at one go! We played princesses, and cowboys and Indians, but I never wanted to be the cowboy. I always wanted to be the lean, mean, fierce Indian. I even had a bow and arrow, and I practiced every day until the arrow went over the target, through a patch of trees, over a short rise, across the street, and disappeared. Being a serious and earnest person, I thought of what could have happened and put the bow away. Why I didn’t just set up the target so a stray arrow wouldn’t knock out the neighbor’s cat or the neighbor herself, I don’t know. Punishment, I guess. But where was I? Oh, yes…cowboys. Cowboys were not acceptable to me when I was young. I think it took James Coburn in a holster for me to come around. That and 51 facts about the cowboy myth, which I will add to as I figure them out.

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