51 Cowboy Facts; or, Continuing the Countdown

by cowboylands

Bucko’s Boots. Photo copyright  2008 comoed

42. No other shoes do what cowboy boots do. 

41. No other shoes do what cowboy boots do.

40. No other boots do what cowboy boots do. 


OK, OK, that’s cheating. But it is a fact that bears repeating. 


41. Walking in boots makes you imagine the ching of spurs. All the time. 

40. Even when you feel like shit, cowboy boots make you a little taller. 

39. They make sleeping with your boots on a pleasure. 

38. A decision made in cowboy boots is a decision made for good. 


“Pull my boots off, will ya?”

“Sure, kid, sure.”

“I promised my mother I wouldn’t die with my boots on.”

–Tadpole (Clem Bevans) to Ike Clanton (Victor Jory), in Tombstone, 1945


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  1. Excellent list!

    I especially like number 40!


  2. And I haven’t even gotten to the spurs part of it!

    Those are some amazing spurs on your site–like the antique and custom. If it weren’t for the fact that concrete and spurs don’t mix, not to mention how they would scuff up subway cars, I’d wear ’em all the time too.

    Thanks for commenting; the first few items on the cowboy list are under the “Powboy” section, but the cowpoke in the picture sure isn’t wearing boots. or spurs.

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