Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

by cowboylands

At least like this one…

Click on this fine bucko for a large image. Enjoy.

Sublime? Or ridiculous? You judge. 


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  1. Those leggings look like batwing chaps made of angora goatskin, maybe a pair of sheepskins. Think of all the sheep/goats that lost their lives so he could look like…

    When a cowhand rode all day popping brush and dodging mean killer cattle, he or she needed the thickness of those incredibly hot chaps to keep off the thorns and cactus spines. In the desert everything is stickery or poison or both. The horses sometimes wore chaps in the worst brushy country.
    I reckon they all could look a little silly in a modeling studio, but it made a lot of sense in the brushlands. Bet it felt good to get them off in the evening, when the hands finished work and gathered for beans and sourdough biscuits…

    Some cowboy outfits are made for the back of a horse in the rough country, and not for dude wear. This looks like one…you can’t even see his BOOTS! He could be wearing Cinderella’s glass slippers, for all you can see em…

  2. These would be mighty useful in the land of needle-like thorns and vicious tumbleweeds, on a real cowboy.

    This bumpkin bucko may look like he’s heading to the corral, but I have a feeling he’s hoping to find some chicks on the dance floor and brand them with his branding iron.

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