The Day of the Cowboy Approacheth

by cowboylands


And Where the Trail Split in Two I Looked Back…   copyright es 2008

My heart is a-tremble with anticipation for this Saturday, National Day of the American Cowboy, although I don’t plan on going to any hootenanny or getting on a bucking bronco this weekend, unfortunately. Like many cowpokes, I’ll be working! If I wanted to hop on a plane, there are plenty of places to choose from, from Austin to tiny little towns in Oklahoma. Rodeos and parades. Cowboy poetry gatherings and barbecues. But I can go on a virtual walkabout, thanks to the Picksburg Kid’s kind offer of a virtual trip with him into a legendary Western landscape. This Saturday I’ll be dreaming of cowboys, and of America’s favorite “things are getting western” state, Idaho, an August destination.


Another offer sounds just as fine, Cowboy Night at the Jalopy in Red Hook, Brooklyn on July-25th-9pm. Idaho is pretty damn far, but so is this far-flung Kings County territory. 










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