What Does Ida Hoe?

by cowboylands

I’ll let you know.

For a few days I’ll be on real trails, hunting down cowboys and cow patties, spuds and starlit nights, lava bombs and limpid lakes, and real live rigamorole. And when I am back, I will deal with the wackness that is the site. (Anyone notice the blessed space that appears and disappears on the sides? Not supposed to happen. If you see nothing but white space on the sides, scroll down to find links to blog, sites, my Librarything library, archives, and scintillating commentary.)

Until then, thought I would leave you with this:


Destry Rides Again, by Max Brand

Cover illustration by Michael Aviano

Pocket Books, 1959

from the collection of es

Stunned and bitter, Harry Destry, the young, headstrong firebrand who had already earned the reputation for reckless bravery and flashing speed of hand and eye in the use of a “six gun”….




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  1. Have fun

  2. We’ll stay away from slippery embankments. I heard the mosquitos are ginormous.

  3. Bruneau Dunes,
    City of Rocks and Castle Rocks
    Don’t miss Hell’s Gate…….

    Elk City is supposed to have a great scenic drive with old mining communities.

    Don’t forget to dust yor boots.

  4. We want to see photos and we want them now!

  5. We saw Bruneau Dunes, City of Rocks, but we missed Hell’s Canyon. Too much to do there! That’s a whole other trip. Scenic drive on roads about as wide as a thread. And a slag dump, lest that somehow goes unnoticed.

  6. I know all about slag dumps
    Stays hot for decades.
    Looks remarkably similar to the lava flows in Utah

  7. I visited, thinking of Picksburg’s slag. We drove by the thing–a silvery cap on a square mountain of small, light, porous rocks. The amazing thing is the orange-hot molten pour, like lava. Apparently it is a tourist attraction.

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