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  1. I swear the more I read your blog the more I find out how deeply influenced I am by your cowboy world. I NEVER thought shoot from the hip was a cowboy thing (OK I’m a bit of an idiot too) but it’s one of those traits I REALLY find important to have present in my interactions. I’M IN SHOCK. who nu I was so American…. THIS IS SOOO GREAT!!

  2. Positive attributes include directness and and straightforwardness. When it is part of foreign or domestic policy to the exclusion of all other approaches, I have to question!

  3. I always understood tact to be a mutual agreement to be full of shit.
    (Spider Robinson)

  4. I like tact. It might be it’s the sound of the word, which delineates the act with care, as in setting a tack into a wall. Or, I am full of shit.

  5. …..or Advancing to the Rear.

  6. Or the difference between being egotistical
    and having a cold appreciation for one’s own genius…..

  7. I’m afraid it boils down to the ones who can figure out how to use the upside-down exclamation point and those who can’t.

  8. alt shift 1

    Option does some fun stuff:


    SMILE when yuh call me that, Pardner 🙂

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