New Year in Cowboylands

by cowboylands

Every start of the year I find some time to write out a few goals. I prioritize and create little boxes for checking off when I’ve completed them* and otherwise make curlicues and asterisks and bold underlines. This blog was one such goal from last year (alas, the Web site is still under construction–anyone know a good Flash artist?). I keep away from calling them resolutions–I can resolve to do anything w/out getting it done–but “goals seem to be sufficiently motivating.

sparkly boots © 2009 cowboylands

I always hope for a year of shiny energy and tremendous success. Like the boots I wore this New Year’s in NYC,** I hope the coming year will be sparkly, high-heeled, comfortable, eye-catching, over-the-top lovely, and, yes, slightly ridiculous. These boots I bought on the way to a reading (Bob Heman’s great CLWN WR readings at SAFE-T gallery in DUMBO), and I haven’t looked back. These would definitely fall apart in mud and dust and sweat, but who cares? Would someone who was wearing these actually work for a living? They embody the giddy times of bubble America, pre-2008. Or, the sad but titillating life of a lounge singer. 

worn boots © 2009 cowboylands

My practical side says the year isn’t going to be any such thing unless I work like hell–the aspect that I admire most about cowboys (other than the spurs and chaps and laconic wit and such). These were scooped up on the cheap in a Goodwill in a western state lost to my memory. They are stiff and creased, worn and drab, although someone industriously and somewhat clumsily applied shoe polish to shine ’em up (hey, it worked–it got an Eastern fool to buy them). Life isn’t going to be shiny unless I plant my rear in the saddle and stick to my steed-of-the-moment. Nor should life be all glitter. There’s a great deal of satisfaction to be had in working hard and making a living in a chosen field, whether its publishing or sage-covered corrals. 

sparkly boots II © 2009 cowboylands

Happy New Year, buckaroos! may our virtual trails cross often.



*My anality lasts about a week–I usually forget about the list, although I do tend to complete a few of the goals. 

**Imagine taking these out to fix fence posts. They’d scare the herd.


2 Comments to “New Year in Cowboylands”

  1. Those sparkly boots are like the fiction you write. I lived a narrow world of no imagination and then BOOM !!! BOOTS NEVER BEFORE SEEN!!! STORIES NEVER BEFORE HEARD!!!!

  2. I heard the boom when I saw the boots in the store. Who would’ve thought they existed for common mortals? Wearing them is like channeling a singing cowboy.

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