Adios Cowboy?

by cowboylands


After my tirade about sunsets and cowboys and the latter riding into the former, you’d think I would have stayed away from that shooting-fish-in-a-barrel type of analogy. I couldn’t.

Sun Setting with Cowboy (After Roy Lichtenstein) ©2009 cowboylands

As the current presidential administration draws to a close, I have to wonder if W is already practicing his squint into the setting sun. I’m guessing he isn’t anticipating a child running after him shouting “George! Come back, George!” at the top of his lungs.* 

Perhaps this blog will starve for lack of cowboy fodder during the next administration, but I have a feeling that America’s Cowboy isn’t going away. This Cowboy with a capital C may take a break to get a smoke or see a girl, but with opportunities to (at worst) meddle with countries whose export is at the basis of an energy addiction, or (at best) encourage and support countries and organizations who are struggling out of poverty, I think we’ll be seeing some white hats and black hats again. 

* for those of you not in the know, it’s a Shane reference. See the last scene.  



2 Comments to “Adios Cowboy?”

  1. nooooooo nooooooo noooooooooooooo!

    how come only in the movied the bad guys pay for their crimes!!?

  2. They don’t have really good lawyers in the movies.

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