Dances with Fools; or, the Worst of Election '08

by cowboylands

It’s county historical museums like the ones in Oakley, Idaho; Florence, Arizona; Pecos, Texas; and Silverton, Colorado, that should be a part of the stimulus package!

Mining Museum, Silverton, CO ©2008 es

They are fusty and musty and cluttered and jumbled, but filled to the brim with the kind of  real life that Joe the Plumber has seemed to forgotten. (Damn, I wasn’t going to swing back into politics in this post but the crud that clogs up the Internet…!)

Will we someday be calling him President Plumber? See if you can read between the lines in this interview in the New York Daily News:

And no reason to be subtle, [Wurzelbacher] said, as long as folks inform themselves. “I don’t believe there’s two sides to every story. It’s black and white,” Wurzelbacher explained. “There’s right and wrong.”

Goddamn it, I can hear the John Barry score in the background (Dances with Wolves, folks*). Let’s all give a big cowboy sigh of dismay. The more you inform yourself, the more you realize, appreciate, and understand the complexity of the world, and your place in it. That doesn’t mean you can’t kick ass, but let’s be informed about our ass-kicking. For example, I would not normally use my Lucchese boots to kick his ass, but I would, if it drew attention to one of my favorite places, El Paso, a town that no one likes (which is where I purchased said awesome boots with the mean, pointed toe). And can we get out of the whole black and white issue? Let’s be enlightened. Ever since 2008, we are in color, buckaroos and buckarettes, in living color! 

Historical Museum, Oakley, ID © 2008 es


As for his own political career, America will just have to wait six years until his son grows up.

“I don’t know if the American public deserve me,” he said, “but my son definitely deserves my time now.”

Joe, if I may call you Joe (you can call me never), it is the prurient interests of the American public that has gotten your Nike’d foot in the door. On second thought, he’s right. There are no two sides to this issue: Mr. Wurzelbacher, please to back to sitting in front of the tube. 

Historical Museum, Pocatello, ID © 2008 es


*What a schmaltzy theme. I hope people understand the disdain. OK, it does get the job done–“a man looking for America finds himself”–but does he have to give economic advice to Republicans along the way? 



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  1. your restraint is admirable. I just threw several breakable things against the wall…

  2. Oh, I threw things and vomited frogs, just like the wicked girl in the fairy tales.

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