An Alien Land; or, Happy Birthday, Arizona!

by cowboylands

Arizona was birthed by treaty and the Territory of New Mexico on February 23, 1863 (how did they have time to work this out in the middle of a disastrous Civil War?). Pretty, shiny things brought prospectors and settlers, drove out Native American tribes (again), and opened the state to a future of retirement communities, faux frontier towns, and a really amazing historical museum

If I could redraw the map of this state, mine would only show

the gash of the Grand Canyon

my uncle’s and cousins’ homes in Phoenix

Monument Valley

a couple of hot hot springs the location of which I won’t be disclosing

saguaro groves just about bustling with desert wildlife–including the lone desert tortoise I happened to see only because I leaned over just so–

green organpipe cactus groves gold in the settling sun

Tombstone’s white gravestones and the earnest re-enactors who must think they have died and gone to heaven to be able to shoot the Clanton boys every hour on the half seven days per week


Monument Valley

that big crater

the steep cliffs of Canyon de Chelly, so red against the green brush of the valley

the wide spaces passing from horizon to horizon

and Monument Valley. 







2 Comments to “An Alien Land; or, Happy Birthday, Arizona!”

  1. I mean I’d have no idea what the rest of the country looked like if it weren’t for you blog. Of course, I’m never going there. Waaay too dangerous.

  2. Once you get used to being around people and streetlights, it is an adjustment. On the other hand, tarantulas and coyotes just get a bad rap….

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