Stimulate the Economy; or, Using the Wild Western Web Wisely

by cowboylands

The taxman/woman brings oppressive reality. No, not all of my money is my own. My sweat is not my own. Then I tell myself to drop kick that checkbook and cowboy up–time to see what is going on in the Wild Western Web. 

One phenomena that never fails to cheer me up is the strange world of western fetish voyeurs. Thank the big Rider in the Sky for allowing YouTube to be a safe place for people to watch guys shift around uneasily in western duds. 

Man having a smoke in a fancy cowboy shirt

This man is focused and thorough–by God, when he says what he’s having a smoke in a fancy cowboy shirt he’s not fooling. For those who don’t like smoking, you might not want to see this, but for those who can take that vice, here it is. Note the excellent saw in the corner. This guy isn’t some dime-store dilettante–he probably builds corrals for a living, or at least small plaques that read “Dude Ranch.” And for those who think I’m just making fun–come on! He’s got a following who thinks he’s hot! I share with respect. 

Ukelele Yodel

And for those who prefer aural stimulation, one of my personal faves: Ennio Morricone, channeled with ukuleles.


Happy virtual trails!



One Comment to “Stimulate the Economy; or, Using the Wild Western Web Wisely”

  1. Ive got to say, bucko, I’m a bit disappointed in “me having a smoke fancy cowboy shirt.” Not with his smoking, and certainly not with his shirt or studded belt, but with his workshop. I am shocked, shocked that he would place his can of Mountain Dew and his ashtray right there on his band saw. If that soda spills, it’s going to get all over the blade.

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