by cowboylands

A Western definition:

Dude (dood) n.

Usually an Easterner, but it can be used to call anyone obviously unready for the West–such as if a person is wearing street shoes, too-fancy clothes, or unable to ride a horse or track game or make coffee in a tin can. A dude is usually mocked mercilessly (see The Virginian, by Owen Wister). A dude, however, can rise above his dudeness (see Theodore Roosevelt) and in fact, may bring other virtues to the word (see The Big Lebowski). 

Legends of America also describes it as originally, a word that means a boil on a tenderfoot’s backside, gotten after riding in a saddle all day for the first time. (I will now call any pimple I get “dude.”)

An example of how to use “dude” in a sentence:  

Savvy Westerners don’t walk through a clump of chollo cactus, much less ride through on an ATV. This dude should’ve ridden a horse–they can be smarter than their riders. 


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