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May 13, 2008

Alt.Country; or, How to Rock a Hootenanny

by cowboylands

In riding the virtual trails of the Wild Western Web, I can come across the truly wild (Bobby Cash, “India’s One in a Billion Country Star”) and the truly wonderful: Postmodern Sounds in Country and Western Music.

Alt. country refers to a pretty diverse array of music with roots in anything from country to rockabilly to punk. You want to know anything more, Google it or check out the blog above; I have a story to tell. I got my intro into super by striding into a bar in the hip capital of the Eastern Coast Western World, Williamsburg, and settling back with a big shot of whiskey, neat. From the corner of the room came a terrific growl and bang, and then with the beat-beat-beat of my heart came the pow-pow-pow of power chords from a standup bass and banjo. These two rangy guys, as tousle-headed as farmboys and as tattooed as sideshow sidekicks got into an earthshaking beat and stayed there for what seemed like hours, jangling and strumming and thumping and howling and crying. Everyone in the bar was too cool by far, but these two guys had something pretty real going on. They strummed one last rousing chord, their voices raised high in a plaintive wail, and then it was over. They packed up, walked out the door, and I never saw or heard them again.

I search for those two titans when I can, and while I haven’t found them, I did find a place to sit back and listen to other like-minded bands and musicians. The Postmodern Sounds of Country and Western Music not only has a cozy old-time wallpaper background, but also a kickass selection of description, music files, and videos. When the range gets rough, it’s nice to come home and know that someone else is searching, like me, for good music. Corb Lund’s “I Wanna be in the Cavalry” video does a heart good–especially if you like your men in uniform.

Check it out soon and often; the site’s music and video files are here today and gone tomorrow, but for a good cause–the artists’ copyright.

As for Bobby Cash, he’s got a pleasant, light voice, a smooth band accompanying him, and I plan on standing in line with a billion people if he ever comes to the States. Have a listen, and Happy Virtual Trails!